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also see: Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

The LED Light Treatment

Why not look younger? Relax in your lunchtime under the LED light and enjoy the effortless path to stunning skin at Beauty & Laser Clinic

Light has long been know to have health and anti aging benefits – LED skin treatment harnesses the power of light to reduce or even eliminate some of the worst aspects of skin conditions.

LED stands for light-emitting-diodes. First developed by NASA, LED works by sending energy-producing packets of light into the deeper layers of the skin.LED equipment was then developed to help aid in the treatment of acne, fine lines,, pigmentation, acne scarring, rosacea and as a pain free alternative to facial surgery for skin rejuvenation.

Our LED Light Treatment Machines use different coloured lights to target different concerns. Our settings are matched with your skin concerns, creating a pattern of different lights, to ensure maximum results. Blue light therapy is sterilising and used to eliminate bacteria, excellent for acne and oily/acne prone skin with the possibility to also relax and calm our minds. The red light therapy calms and heals the skin, promoting collagen production and encouraging cell renewal. This is a perfect light for reducing wrinkles, hydrating the skin and helps with overall face firmness.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What does LED light Therapy involve? 
The procedure is very simple and pain-free. You will be asked to lay back and relax with your eyes closed. We will then place the LED panels around the treatment area which can be bright which is why we provide you with small eye shields for your comfort.
Is it painful?
No. Your skin will warm very slightly, which increases blood flow and cell renewal. It is not painful, more relaxing.
I have Dark skin can i get LED light Therapy? 
LED Light Therapy has benefits for all skin types

LED light therapy modes | Beauty and Laser Clinic

In Beauty and Laser Clinic we also offer Cold Laser / Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) – Pain Management which is light therapy used to reduce pain and promote tissue healing also used to treat chronic pain.


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