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Lip Tattooing FAQ

1.Does Lip Tattooing hurt?

The pain factor differs within individuals. We usually offer either a topical anaesthetic or a complete block given by a dentist. The topical anaesthetic helps dull the pain, the complete block removes all elements of pain. If doing full lips we recommend a block.

2.What colour do I choose for my lip tattoo?

Usually colour consultations help solve this issue. We decide on a colour depending on the desired result, skin tone, complexion and original lip tone. If correcting lips shape without enhancement, we try to closely match your lip colour. Be aware that when correcting we usually tattoo other parts of the lip to help the colour blend and match. When undergoing a lip correction, the tattooed colour initially will differ from the rest of the lip, but within 6 weeks of healing, pigment is lost and colour will be similar to lip. Full lip tattoos will lose up to half of their pigment, this is important to remember as when it is initially done it will look much brighter, darker and deeper than intended.

3.What will it look like immediately after treatment?

Your lips will be quite swollen, especially if you opted for the block. Swelling will only last for the first few hours where ice can also help reduce this time. Colour will be quite bright and the tattooed area a little sore (it’ll look and feel as though it has been scratched). Ice and ointment will help releave any discomfort.
4. When can I return to work and how long does it take to heal?

After a lip blend or a lip liner tattoo, you can generally return to work the very next day. Full lip tattoos tend to require an extra day for the swelling to subside, and a small percentage of clients experience minor bruising. Most patients experience dry/itchy lips that can be aided with the after care ointment. Sun protection is essential. It generally takes 8 weeks for a lip tattoo to completely heal.



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