Facial Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture for Facial Rejuvenation

Beauty and Laser Clinic offers cosmetic acupuncture, or acupuncture for facial rejuvenation, is a centuries-old technique that can not only improve your physical appearance, but also enhance your health and beauty from within. This safe and effective form of therapy is a natural alternative to conventional cosmetic procedures such as Botox and plastic surgery. While the effects are often not as immediate or dramatic as these more invasive techniques, results of cosmetic acupuncture tend to be much more natural in appearance, produce none of the side effects or downtime that comes with surgery, and are more holistic in nature. Additionally, these results are achieved at a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery.

Beauty and laser clinic cosmetic facial

In general, patients tend to see noticeable changes around sessions 4 to 6. However, many patients notice benefits after just 1 or 2 sessions. Between 10 to 15 sessions is the recommended course of treatment, depending on lifestyle, age, and constitution. Although twice weekly sessions are recommended, if this is not possible for the patient, one session per week is also acceptable.

Visible benefits of cosmetic acupuncture include:

  • Elimination or reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothing out of deeper wrinkles
  • Improvement of facial skin and muscle tone
  • Improvement in skin color and complexion
  • Reduction of puffiness and “eye bags”
  • Relaxation of facial tension that can cause frown lines, smile lines, and forehead wrinkles
  • Improvement in sagging skin and jowls
  • Improvement of skin conditions such as acne or rosacea

beauty and laser clinic cosmetic acupuncture

In addition to the visible benefits of cosmetic acupuncture to the face, patients may also experience improvement in more generalized areas, such as reduced anxiety, improvement in sleep quality, and a greater sense of energy and well-being.

To enhance the overall effects of cosmetic acupuncture, facial massage, herbal masks, and dietary/lifestyle advice are included as part of the treatment. Only all natural herbal products with potent ingredients to nourish and improve the quality of the skin are used during the course of treament.

To schedule an appointment or a free consultation to see if cosmetic acupuncture for facial rejuvenation is right for you, please contact us. Package discounts are offered for patients who purchase a series of 10 treatments.



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